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The average American vehicle is 12.1 years old and there are nearly 289 million vehicles on U.S. roads. Doing repair work yourself has become increasingly difficult due to onboard computers and increasingly intricate systems. More people than ever rely on professionals they can trust to perform work on their cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

One of North America's Top Rated Tire and Auto service Franchises
Big O Tires Store
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A new franchisee’s performance may differ from the represented performance.  Click here to see further information from Item 19 of the Big O Tires 2021 FDD.

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There are numerous ways to become a Big O Tires franchisee.

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Since 1962, customers have trusted Big O Tires for all of their automotive service needs. We were ranked #1 in the Wheel and Tire category for 2020 by Entrepreneur magazine. Big O Tires is expanding in your area as it continues to add to its base of more than 465 locations nationwide. 

As a Big O Tires franchisee, you have the freedom to operate independently with an experienced team behind you providing outstanding support, resources, and training to help you excel as an owner. Check out our video to learn more about joining the Big O Tires Family.

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Big O Tires offers exclusive incentives making becoming a franchisee even easier!

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