381 Billion dollar auto care industry
11.7 Years Average Vehicle age


278.6 million U.S. motor vehicles

Automobile Aftermarket Industry Association, the average American vehicle is 11.7 years old and there are nearly 279 million vehicles on U.S. roads. Doing repair work yourself has become increasingly difficult due to onboard computers and increasingly intricate systems. More people than ever rely on professionals they can trust to perform work on their cars, trucks, and SUVs. It’s easy to see why auto repair is becoming a $40 billion industry.


*A new franchisee’s performance may differ from the represented performance.  See Item 19 of the Big O Tires 2019 FDD for further information.

Own a Big O Tires Franchise

No Automotive Experience Required!

Our franchisees enjoy the flexibility and versatility of being their own bosses while simultaneously being able to draw on the resources of industry giants.


Dedicated Franchise Business Consultants (FBC) by region

Monthly owner’s meetings to ensure communication of best practices, product news, marketing and IT strategies

Big O Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) plays an integral role in guiding Big O by speaking directly to the executives at Big O’s corporate office. When the FAC meets, Big O Tires listens

Big O Tire Dealers of America (BOTDA), a non-profit legal entity comprised only of Big O franchisees, created specifically to represent the interests of ALL franchisees

Protected territory of a 2 miles radius

BFF pricing (Business Franchise Format) often allowing franchisees to purchase tires at a price at or below that paid by our competitors

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