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Auto Repair, Tire, and Oil Change Franchise in Wichita, KS

Opening your own business can provide many benefits, but wading into a business venture by oneself can be overwhelming. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. With over 284 million vehicles in operation in the United States, opening a Big O tire shop franchise in Wichita can help meet ongoing driver needs while also providing a franchise owner the opportunity to operate a lucrative business.

The option of pursuing a franchise business for sale in Wichita, KS – instead of starting your own store from scratch – may not be an investment that immediately comes to mind. However, there are many perks that a franchise can offer when launching a business

Big O Tire Franchise
A Suite of Important Services

While we’re known for all things tires — their sale, service, and installation — your oil change franchise will serve your protected territory through a robust suite of services that meet a variety of needs. Some of these include:

  • Fluid changes
  • System cleanings
  • Radiator and battery replacement
  • Brake inspection and repair
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tire Replacements
  • Scheduled Automotive Maintenance
  • And much more!

An auto franchise opportunity that offers oil changes opens the door to customers coming back for other important vehicle maintenance and repairs. That’s because no matter how the economy is faring, Americans need their vehicles every day to help them meet countless responsibilities. And because more of them are driving older cars, they know how important it is to keep up with regular care and maintenance.

Your Big O Tires Automotive Franchise in Wichita, KS will be there for them!

The Big O Tires Franchise Difference

One of the main differences in launching a Big O Tires franchise in Wichita, KS, is that you aren’t expected to figure out how to get plugged into the community, or make this venture successful, all on your own. With the support and foundation of an established organization and structure to build on, becoming ingrained in a new area and proactively meeting customers’ needs can be a seamless process. Opening a Big O Tires store that also provides other much-needed services, such as an oil change franchise in Wichita, also helps ensure a reliable customer base. In other words, what you offer in terms of customer and auto service will always be in demand.  

So what are some of the pros of launching your own franchise business?

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As already discussed, when opening a franchise you already have the support of an established organization. However with Big O, you still have the independence, autonomy, and flexibility to grow the business and operate as you see fit to achieve maximum return on investment.
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Financial freedom

Owning and operating a franchise also provides practically unlimited growth opportunities. If one location performs at a level that sparks desire to open another, that option is available.
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Brand support

As mentioned before, a franchise owner isn’t introducing a new organization or company that hasn’t been heard of before. There is the history and reputation of the brand itself that comes with opening a new franchise location, which means customers will most likely already have awareness of the quality product and services they’re receiving.
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Many different types of industries offer franchise opportunities, so the sky can be the limit. Whether launching a Big O Tires in Wichita, or exploring other opportunities, there isn’t just one option available for potential investors.

Support Your Community While Supporting Yourself with a New Big O Tire Business

Because owning and operating a franchise comes with the support of the company, plugging into the community can potentially be achieved more easily versus launching a new business that has no brand recognition. For starters, the community will already be aware of the type and quality of auto care service that’s being provided, which means reception to the franchise is generally positive. Additionally, a new location in an area can mean new jobs. This alone can have a far-reaching positive impact in the surrounding areas. Finally, there’s the opportunity to serve the community in ways that weren’t being met before like providing better price points – or new products and options – that haven’t been made available yet. As a Wichita, KS, Big O Tires franchise owner, the option to put together competitive pricing and menu of options is feasible with minimal to no outside interference. 

With resources and a team set up to help our franchisees achieve success, why wait to open a Big O Tires in Wichita, KS? This new business venture is designed to help investors maximize their potential and reach success, whether they’re a first-time franchise owner or are interested in joining a new industry.

Think a franchise opportunity is right for you? Big O Tires is here to help make that possible. Franchising with Big O Tires can provide all these opportunities and even more. Contact us today to find out more information about how we can help you meet your financial independence goals while also helping your community.

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Please note that the information contained on this website does not constitute the offer of a franchise and that such offers will be made only in conjunction with the presentation of Big O’s Franchise Disclosure Document in states where we are first registered, excluded, exempted, or otherwise qualified to offer franchises in that state. Big O Franchises are not available in all states. MN Reg. File No. F#4842
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