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Starting a new career can be both exhilarating and daunting, especially if you're venturing into uncharted waters. If you're contemplating a fresh start in a new industry, the Big O Tires automotive franchise opportunity could be perfect. Our tire franchise is rich in potential for achieving financial growth and personal satisfaction.

Stellar Brand Reputation

Big O Tires boasts a well-established brand with a legacy that spans over 60 years. Our reputation as a trusted and customer-centric company is a valuable asset for any new franchise owner. Investing in a Big O auto repair franchise means aligning with a brand that has already won the trust and loyalty of countless customers across the country.

This trust from local vehicle owners often translates into a steady customer base, which is a significant advantage over starting a business from scratch. The instant recognition of the Big O Tires brand gives new franchisees a head start, helping you build a solid customer foundation for your oil change franchise from day one.

A Business Model Designed for Growth

The Big O Tires business model is designed to maximize operational efficiency and profitability. As a franchisee - regardless of your level of experience - you’ll receive a comprehensive roadmap that outlines every aspect of running a successful automotive service center.

This model, fine-tuned over decades, eliminates much of the trial and error that typically comes with starting a new business. Instead, franchisees can focus on building their customer bases and growing their businesses, knowing they have the support of a model that has proven to be effective time and time again.

Unmatched Training and Franchise Support

Whether you're new to the automotive industry or an experienced veteran, the training and support offered by the Big O corporate team is invaluable. New franchise owners receive in-depth pre-opening training that covers: 

Once your doors open, continuous education and on-the-ground franchise support ensure you're never left to tackle challenges on your own. Franchise Business Consultants (FBCs) provide ongoing guidance to help franchisees stay on track and make informed business decisions. 

Furthermore, national and regional meetings offer opportunities to connect with other franchisees, fostering a network of shared expertise and support. This collaborative community can be a source of advice and encouragement, helping you navigate the nuances of getting the most from our automotive franchise opportunity.

Marketing and Advertising Assistance

Marketing plays a crucial role in driving business growth (1), and the Big O team understands this well. We provide comprehensive marketing support that includes national advertising campaigns, localized store marketing strategies, and digital marketing tools. Franchisees can tap into a wealth of marketing resources and expertise, allowing you to promote your Big O location(s) effectively and reach a wider customer base without the high costs and guesswork of developing campaigns independently.

Diverse Revenue Streams

While Big O Tires is known for tire sales and repair, our service offerings encompass a comprehensive range of automotive repairs and maintenance. This diversity allows franchisees to cater to a broad spectrum of customer needs, providing multiple revenue streams and reducing dependence on a single service. From routine maintenance like oil changes and brake services to complex diagnostics and repairs, the range of services ensures consistent business throughout the year.

For anyone looking to start a new career and invest in a promising business opportunity, Big O provides an attractive proposition. Our franchise model is a strong choice for those seeking growth and fulfillment in an industry with plenty of customer demand. If you're ready for a career change that offers both personal satisfaction and financial potential, consider investing in a Big O Tires franchise and begin your journey with a trusted franchisor by your side.

Contact us today for more information about the next steps for starting your new career as a Big O Tires franchise owner!

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When you think of the Big O Tires brand, tires are likely the first thing that comes to mind. However, Big O franchises offer a wide array of upscale automotive repair services beyond just tire repair and replacement.

Our versatile range of services not only meets the diverse needs of customers but also enhances each Big O franchise’s appeal as a one-stop shop for all automotive care needs. Here’s a deeper look at the extensive services provided by Big O Tires and how they contribute to our upscale status in an industry full of options for drivers.

Comprehensive Auto Services

A Big O Tires automotive repair franchise is fully equipped to meet just about any challenge that a car owner is experiencing with their vehicle (1). Not only do we supply the technology so each Big O location can deliver the versatile services customers expect, but we also train and support our franchise owners so they are empowered to do so. In addition to tire-related repair, a Big O Tires franchise can provide local drivers with an array of automotive services that include:

Routine Maintenance and Oil Changes

Regular maintenance is the backbone of vehicle longevity and performance. These routine services are crucial for keeping vehicles running at optimal levels and preventing costly repairs down the line. Big O Tires franchises provide thorough maintenance services such as:

Brake Services

Brakes are among any vehicle's most critical safety components, and Big O franchises offer complete brake services. This includes brake pad replacement, rotor resurfacing, brake fluid checks, and comprehensive brake system evaluations. Our attention to detail and commitment to safety ensures that customers leave with a vehicle that’s not only repaired but also thoroughly checked for safety.

Suspension and Alignment Services

Proper alignment and suspension are essential for a vehicle’s drivability and for extending the life of tires. Big O locations are equipped with advanced technology to perform precise alignment and suspension services, ensuring that vehicles handle smoothly and efficiently. This service is vital for enhancing the driving experience and maintaining vehicle health.

Battery Services

Battery checks and replacement services are also offered, ensuring that vehicles start reliably and electronic components function correctly. Reliable battery service is a must, especially in areas with extreme weather. That is why Big O Tires uses top-quality products at each of our franchises to ensure peak performance.

Upscale Service Experience

What sets Big O Tires apart as an upscale automotive repair brand is not only the variety of services we offer but also the quality of the customer experience we deliver. Here’s how Big O Tires ensures an upscale service experience at our widespread franchise locations:

Welcoming Facilities

Big O Tires locations have modern, clean, well-maintained facilities that reflect our commitment to excellence. The inviting environment makes customers feel comfortable, and helps assure them that their vehicles are being handled by professionals.

Highly Trained Technicians

All staff technicians at Big O Tires are highly trained and stay updated with the latest automotive technology and techniques. This expertise allows them to diagnose and repair issues efficiently and accurately, providing customers with high-quality service that they can trust.

Customer-Centric Services

We strongly emphasize customer satisfaction and convenience at each Big O franchise location. This includes clear communication, transparent pricing, and a focus on providing timely and reliable services. Additional amenities like comfortable waiting areas and personable staff contribute to an overall superior service experience.

Big O Tires franchises deliver a comprehensive suite of automotive maintenance and repair services that have contributed to our stellar reputation with car owners. By offering a wide range of services, comfortable facilities, professional expertise, and comprehensive training, with a focus on customer satisfaction, we’ve positioned ourselves as a leader among automotive franchises.

For customers looking for reliable, high-quality automotive care and entrepreneurs seeking a solid business opportunity, Big O Tires offers an attractive proposition that stands out in the market.

Reach out to us, and we’ll paint you the full picture of why Big O Tires has the right franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs like you!

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In the ever-changing landscape of automotive service businesses, you’ll likely have many options of where to invest your entrepreneurial energy. A top auto repair franchise like Big O Tires offers a unique blend of advantages not easily found elsewhere in the industry. Not only do we stand apart from other automotive services companies, but we also create a robust platform that our franchisees can leverage for business growth.

Unmatched Brand Recognition

Big O Tires is not just another name in the automotive world; we’re a top auto repair franchise with a long-standing reputation for quality and consistency. With decades of experience, Big O Tires has established a brand that resonates with customers thanks to the level of trust and satisfaction they associate with our service.

Big O franchisees benefit from this strong brand recognition, which acts as a cornerstone for attracting and retaining customers. Unlike starting an independent auto shop, investing in a Big O Tires franchise means stepping into a business with an established and loyal customer base that trusts us for our reliable repair and maintenance services.

Comprehensive Operational Support

One of the most significant challenges of entering the automotive services industry (1) is navigating the complexities of operations management. Big O alleviates this stress by providing our franchisees with extensive operational support.

From pre-opening training and store set-up guidance to ongoing training and operational updates, franchisees are never alone. This support ensures that each franchise operates efficiently, adheres to the highest standards, and stays updated with industry advancements. This level of support is often unmatched in the franchise industry, making our auto repair franchise opportunities ideal for those who value a strong support system.

Proven Franchise Business Model

Our business model has been refined over the years to maximize profit potential and efficiency for Big O franchisees. This model provides a clear roadmap to success, with structured processes and strategies proven effective across numerous franchises.

The guesswork that often comes with running an independent shop is replaced by a streamlined approach that covers various aspects of business operations, including inventory management, service offerings, customer service, and marketing. Franchisees receive the blueprint of this successful model and can focus more on growing their business rather than experimenting with what works.

Extensive Marketing and Advertising Support

Marketing a new business can be daunting and expensive, particularly for a traditional small business. Big O franchisees benefit from national and regional advertising campaigns that help increase visibility and drive customers to their locations.

Additionally, we provide resources for local store and digital marketing campaigns, ensuring franchisees can effectively reach their target audience. This comprehensive marketing support is crucial for building a strong local presence and can be a game-changer for new entrants in the market.

Community and Franchisee Peer Network

Joining Big O Tires means becoming part of a community of motivated entrepreneurs. Our franchisees are never isolated in their business journey; they are part of a network of fellow business owners and industry experts who share knowledge, advice, and support.

This community aspect provides a unique advantage over independent shops, where owners may have to go it alone. Regularly scheduled meetings, conferences, and forums facilitate a sharing culture and continuous learning among franchisees, fostering a supportive business environment.

Flexibility and Growth Opportunities

Big O Tires offers various franchise formats, from new store developments to existing auto shop conversions into Big O Tires franchises. This flexibility allows franchisees to choose a path that best fits their goals and market conditions. As a brand, we continuously seek innovative ways to expand and improve our services and offerings so you will have opportunities to attract new customers and grow your franchise location(s).

Big O Tires presents a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs aiming to make a mark in the automotive service sector that stands out from the rest. With the backing of an established brand and a franchise system designed for growth, franchisees can look forward to a bright and successful future.

Contact us today to begin exploring the possibilities with Big O Tires and take the wheel on your entrepreneurial journey into a thriving industry!


Table of Contents

Starting a quality Big O Tires auto franchise in Omaha to satisfy the consistent local demand for auto maintenance and repairs can be the next right move for interested investors. A market, such as Omaha, which hosts a growing population and a business-friendly economy, can further fuel success in this regard.

If you’re looking for the right automotive business venture to take advantage of these favorable conditions, investing in franchise opportunities in Omaha, Nebraska, with Big O Tires could be the perfect fit! Our team has helped new business owners bring a versatile set of car repair and maintenance services to many territories chock full of drivers who demand what we offer.

Franchise Opportunities Hold a Promising Future in Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska, presents several attractive features for entrepreneurs considering opening an auto franchise in the city or its surrounding area.

Thriving Economy

Omaha boasts a diverse and stable economy with a strong presence across various industries. This translates to a consistent demand for auto repair services, as employed individuals rely on their vehicles for work and daily errands.

Favorable Business Environment

Nebraska's tax policies and regulations are generally considered entrepreneur-friendly, allowing businesses to retain more of their profits and operate with greater ease.

Population Growth

Omaha's population has been steadily increasing, the Omaha metropolitan area is expected to surpass one million residents in the near future (1). This trend is partly driven by the area’s economic growth and emerging reputation as a great setting for families and working professionals. The expanding population creates a larger customer base for auto repair businesses like Big O Tires.

Strategic Location

Omaha is relatively close to other major cities such as Lincoln, Nebraska, and Des Moines, Iowa. As a result, the area has become known as a transportation hub, attracting both local and transient traffic. This allows auto repair shops to cater to a broader range of drivers traveling throughout the region.

Benefits of Owning a Big O Tires Franchise

Big O Tires offers a robust franchise program designed to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed. Here's a closer look at some of the key benefits:

Brand Recognition

As a trusted name in the tire, oil change, and auto repair industry, Big O Tires can help franchisees attract and retain customers more easily.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Big O Tires provides franchisees with in-depth training on a wide range of automotive services, designed to meet the high standards expected by our brand and customers.

Diverse Service Offerings

Franchisees can offer a variety of vehicle services beyond tires, including oil changes, fluid changes, brake repairs, wheel alignments, and scheduled maintenance. This comprehensive suite of services caters to a broader range of customer needs.

Important Considerations Before Investing

While franchising with Big O Tires offers potential advantages, conducting thorough research before making an investment decision is crucial. Here are some key aspects to consider:

Franchise Disclosure Document

Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) carefully and seek third-party professional advice if desired. This document provides detailed information about the franchise agreement, fees, financial requirements, and potential risks involved. 

Market Research

Conduct independent market research to understand the specific automotive repair landscape in Omaha. This includes analyzing competitor offerings and local customer demographics.

Financial Planning

Develop a comprehensive financial plan that considers the initial investment, ongoing operational costs, and projected profitability.

If you are motivated to offer services of critical importance to drivers in Nebraska, consider opening a Big O Tires franchise in Omaha.

Are you eager to make the most of the demand for automotive services in Omaha? Contact the Big O Tires team today, and we’ll discuss if a franchise agreement is the right fit for all parties!

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The automotive repair industry offers a stable environment for entrepreneurs, but competition can be fierce. Focusing on creating an upscale auto repair business can be a powerful strategy to stand out from many other auto shops. This approach allows you to cater to a well-defined customer group, build expertise, and establish a strong reputation within that market segment.

However, this is often easier said than done – especially if you opt to follow a small business model. Investing in a proven franchise concept instead can help you overcome many of the hurdles that frequently stall the progress of smaller auto repair centers.

Fortunately, Big O Tires offers an upscale auto repair franchise that can position you as a top option for car owners in your area. We’ve spent decades in the automotive services industry and know what it takes for new auto shop businesses to build positive momentum. Our focus goes well beyond tire and general maintenance services – customers know that we also deliver some of the most versatile repairs that can be found in the market. With the mindset we have applied to our franchise locations, it should be no surprise that Big O continues to rise up the ranks of car repair providers.

Benefits of Opening an Upscale Auto Shop

Drivers increasingly need high-quality auto repair services from trained professionals, considering that the average age of cars on the road today continues to climb (1). They will likely prefer an upscale, “one-stop shop” that can address most, if not all, of their repair and maintenance needs in one visit. The benefits of opening an upscale automotive services business include the following:

Reduced Competition

With multiple specialized services, you avoid direct competition with other repair shops that only focus on one or two services or only offer general maintenance.

Enhanced Credibility

Offering specialized expertise in multiple areas fosters trust and positions you as a leader among customers and industry peers.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Auto repair businesses can personalize their service offerings and marketing messages, leading to increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

Efficient Marketing

Targeting an audience of local drivers allows for more focused marketing efforts, maximizing the return on investment for advertising and promotional activities.

Developing a Top Automotive Services Franchise

Relying on the name recognition of a big brand is rarely enough on its own to turn your auto shop into the leading choice for vehicle owners in your area. You should franchise with a brand that will help you attract customers and become their preferred option by doing things like:

Identifying Customer Needs

Research your local market to understand existing gaps in service or areas underserved by competitors. Consider factors like vehicle types (luxury cars, off-road vehicles), repair specialties (electrical, performance modifications), or customer demographics (family cars, eco-conscious owners).

Analyzing Skills and Interests

What types of repairs are you best equipped to offer? What types of expertise do you and your staff possess? Consider focusing on the strengths and passions already in place at your location and building on them.

Evaluate Market Demand

Is there a sufficient customer base to support your new business? Analyze local demographics and competitor offerings to assess the viability of your chosen focus and what you may need to add to improve your auto shop’s offerings in the eyes of local drivers.

Our Supportive Franchise Concept

Big O Tires recognizes the importance of generating the right results for our franchisees and their customers. We offer a comprehensive support system to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in your chosen market.

Training and Development

Our training programs cover a broad range of automotive repair services, while also providing guidance on identifying and catering to specific customer requests.

Inventory Management

We assist franchisees in managing inventory and vendor relationships to ensure they have the necessary parts and equipment to service their target audience effectively.

Marketing Support

We provide resources and expertise to develop targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your local audience.

Customer Service Training

We emphasize the importance of delivering exceptional customer service that aligns with the expectations and values of your market.

Business Best Practices

We offer ongoing support in areas like financial management, operations, and marketing to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Building a Sustainable Future

By focusing on a niche and partnering with a supportive franchise system like Big O Tires, you can position yourself for long-term success in the competitive automotive repair industry. Our extensive experience, established brand reputation, and commitment to franchisee success can help you build a thriving business within a well-defined market.

Ready to bring an upscale automotive services franchise to the car owners in your area? Reach out to the Big O Tires team for more information, and we can discuss our franchise opportunities!

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Serving in the military or as a first responder often equips individuals with diverse skills that readily translate into running a successful business like an auto service franchise. For Veterans considering entrepreneurship, a Big O Tires franchise opportunity might be a perfect fit. Let's explore how your military experience aligns with our franchise model and supports a smooth transition to business ownership.

Why Veterans and First Responders Do Well with Franchising

Franchising presents a compelling opportunity for individuals with military or first responder backgrounds due to several key factors that align with their skills, experiences, and values (1).

Structure and Discipline

Military and first responder training instills a strong sense of structure, discipline, and adherence to standard operating procedures. Franchise systems operate on similar principles, providing clear guidelines, protocols, and business processes. Individuals with military or first responder backgrounds are accustomed to following protocols and can thrive in the structured environment of a franchise.

Leadership and Teamwork

Military and first responder roles emphasize leadership, teamwork, and effective communication under pressure. Franchise ownership requires similar skills to lead a team, delegate tasks, and ensure operational efficiency. Veterans and first responders bring valuable leadership experience to franchising, enabling them to build cohesive teams and foster a positive work environment.

Problem-Solving and Adaptability

Military and first responder roles often involve handling complex situations and making quick decisions in dynamic environments. Franchise owners encounter diverse challenges in their day-to-day operations and must adapt to changing circumstances. Individuals with military or first responder backgrounds excel in problem-solving and are adept at navigating challenges with resilience and resourcefulness.

A Commitment to Service and Community

Military personnel and first responders are driven by a sense of duty, service, and commitment to their communities. Franchise ownership offers the opportunity to continue serving others by providing valuable products or services, creating job opportunities, and contributing to the local economy. Veterans and former first responders can often find a similar fulfillment in serving their communities through franchising.

A Supportive Network and Structure

Franchise systems provide a supportive network of fellow franchisees, corporate support teams, and established business models. This structure offers guidance, mentorship, and resources to help new franchisees succeed. For individuals transitioning from military or first responder roles, the support and camaraderie within the franchise community can ease the transition to civilian life and entrepreneurship.

What Makes Big O Tires a Veteran-Friendly Franchise?

At Big O Tires, we take pride in building a Veteran-friendly franchise that has helped many with similar backgrounds to yours with their return to civilian life. To prove our commitment, we offer a 100% franchise fee discount to qualified candidates who previously served. This is just part of what has earned us a 5-star rating from VetFran, the largest organization for connecting Veterans and first responders with franchise opportunities.

Beyond our franchise discount and strong rating from VetFran, owning a Big O auto service franchise is a great match for Veterans and first responders for the following reasons:

A Customer-Centric Focus

Many Veterans find the service-oriented nature of the military aligns with their personal values. Big O Tires shares this commitment, prioritizing exceptional customer service. As a franchisee, you'll directly impact your community by ensuring safe and reliable vehicles are on the road and fostering meaningful interactions with customers.

Leadership Excellence

Leadership is a hallmark of military training, translating seamlessly to franchise ownership. You'll lead a team of trained mechanics, set an example for staff and customers, and contribute to your local community by providing a vital service. Your leadership skills will be instrumental in building a thriving franchise and shaping your business culture.

A Systematic Approach

Military experience hones your ability to follow processes and procedures meticulously. This skillset aligns perfectly with the Big O Tires model. Our proven business framework will guide you in managing day-to-day operations, minimizing uncertainties, and allowing you to focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

Information and Support From the Franchisor

We provide comprehensive training, resources, and ongoing guidance to improve your chances of success. Together, we build a collaborative relationship that sets you up for long-term growth. Our franchise model leverages your unique skills and provides the framework and support needed to thrive. If you're a Veteran seeking a fulfilling career that utilizes your strengths and values, consider exploring Big O Tires.

Are you a Veteran or first responder looking for the right opportunity to enter the growing auto care industry? Reach out to the Big O Tires team today for more information about how we can help you make this transition to join our brand family!

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Finding a market where strong demand for services is prevalent is a key factor to the success of many businesses. Pursuing auto repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can allow you to make the most of the significant need for automotive services in the area.

Big O Tires offers auto repair franchise opportunities that can earn the loyalty of drivers from all over. We help you staff your franchise locations with expert technicians who can deliver our versatile auto repair and maintenance with the outstanding customer service our brand is known for. This helps you build the trust and loyalty of Tulsa area drivers actively seeking a “one-stop auto shop” that can provide quality automotive care.


What Makes Tulsa an Ideal Market?

An entrepreneur considering starting a franchise in auto repair in Tulsa can capitalize on the city's thriving automotive industry and supportive business environment. Tulsa's strategic location in the heart of the US makes it a vibrant transportation hub, with a constant flow of vehicle traffic throughout the city. Estimates show that nearly 92% of households in Tulsa own at least one personal vehicle (1) – meaning they may likely require automotive services at certain points in their cars’ lifetime.

Pro-Business Economic Environment

Tulsa's diverse economy, including sectors such as energy, aerospace, and manufacturing, ensures a steady demand for auto repair services from both businesses and residents. By establishing trust and building customer relationships, entrepreneurs can help cultivate a loyal clientele to patronize their businesses for years to come.

Tulsa's low cost of living and business-friendly policies make it an attractive location for entrepreneurs looking to start a new venture. With affordable real estate and access to resources such as business incubators and support organizations, entrepreneurs can launch and grow their auto repair businesses with confidence.

Encouraging Outlook for the Future

Tulsa's commitment to innovation and technology also presents opportunities for entrepreneurs in the auto repair industry. By staying abreast of advancements in automotive technology and offering specialized services such as diagnostics and electrical repairs, entrepreneurs can differentiate their businesses and stay ahead of the competition.

Big O Tires Auto Repair Franchise Opportunities Are the Right Choice for You

The Big O Tires name carries decades of established trust and recognition in the automotive services industry. Our strong brand presence benefits our franchisees in several ways:

Effective Regional Marketing

We invest in regional marketing campaigns, helping you reach customers within your community. Our combined efforts extend the reach of your local marketing campaigns, making it quicker and easier to attract customers by spreading awareness of your new location, especially in a tight-knit community like Tulsa. Our marketing efforts offer you more time to focus on what matters most - customer service and business growth.

Comprehensive Auto Services

As a Big O Tires franchisee, you'll offer a wide range of services, becoming a one-stop shop for essential automotive care. From routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations to brake repairs and specialized services, you can cater to diverse customer needs. Building multiple revenue streams takes time and effort, but Big O provides the resources and ongoing support to help you succeed from the start.

Focus on Building Trust

While all of these factors play a role, ultimately, your local reputation will likely be built on the exceptional customer service you'll provide your clientele. Big O supports franchisees in developing customer-centric practices that foster trust and loyalty. This, in turn, can lead to repeat business and long-term success for your franchise.

We are eager to bring a Big O Tires location to car owners in Tulsa with an entrepreneur who is motivated to leverage a business opportunity that provides crucial services. If this describes you, we’d love to bring you on as a member of the Big O family!

Ready to start an automotive repair services franchise with Big O Tires in Tulsa? Contact our team for more information, and we’ll set up a discussion to see if our goals align!

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Table of Contents

If you are looking to get into the automotive industry, it is unlikely that you will wake up one day and stroll past a storefront with a sign that reads "automotive franchise for sale." No, like anyone in the 21st century, you would hop onto Google and do some research for yourself. Perhaps that is what has brought you to this very page. We wanted to shed some light on what sets Big O apart from your other options.

Big O Tires is an experienced brand that has offered excellent franchise opportunities for many decades. We recognize the important role that we fill as franchisors and are determined to give our franchisees the best chance of success possible.

Motivated candidates have found that our training and support efforts give them a path to building a strong auto repair franchise. Even those who lack experience in automotive services can feel confident in their new business venture as a Big O Tires franchisee.

At Big O Tires, we put your investment right back into your development as a franchise owner. We make this commitment to you and other Big O franchisees to help strengthen you and your franchise to expertly service cars in your market.

Our Automotive Franchise Opportunities: How We Stand Out

We know that there are other automotive franchise opportunities to choose from, but Big O stands out from the competition due to many unique factors. One of the most important things is that you can leverage our stellar brand reputation and presence across the US when you become a franchisee. The Big O name has stood the test of time and has remained a leader in auto repair for the past six decades. Drivers know the value that our franchisees can deliver and frequently turn to us when in need of the services we offer.

Expert Tire Service

Big O Tires gives franchisees access to a vast network of tire manufacturers through our supply chain network of distribution centers across North America. We operate under the TDC Corporation umbrella, which means our franchise owners can leverage their full backing as well.

A Big O franchise is not just equipped to solely focus on selling new tires to car owners. We provide a variety of auto services that include oil changes, maintenance work, and more!

Comprehensive Training

Automotive business owners must demonstrate that they and their staff are experts in their field to turn nearby vehicle owners into loyal customers. We have developed a franchisee training program that can help you prepare to run your Big O location. Even if you have no or very little experience in tire sales and service, you can feel confident in your franchise’s growth prospects after completing your initial training.

The Big O Tires franchisee training program covers numerous topics and responsibilities, such as:

Multiple Layers of Franchise Support

After you complete the training, we will continue to help set you up for success as a Big O franchisee. We’ll help you create and execute local marketing campaigns to spread the news of your location’s opening to local drivers. Our team makes hyperlocal marketing templates available to you, so you can directly incorporate the tactics you know will resonate best with car owners in your territory. We also consistently run national campaigns that spread brand awareness, which can help all Big O franchises earn more business. 

Each Big O franchise owner is assigned a protected territory that their locations operate within. This means that you won’t have to directly compete with fellow Big O franchisees as you work to establish yourself in the industry. We have developed a vast presence with more than 465 locations in 25 states, showing that the Big O Tires brand name can give your tire franchise the staying power it needs!

Those searching for the right automotive franchise for sale should look for a franchisor who can prove they deserve your investment. Franchise brands that are willing to provide a significant level of training and support can make all the difference but are difficult to come by (1). The entire Big O Tires team is dedicated to proving that our tire business opportunity is the right one for you. We provide many resources to put you in a strong position within the competitive yet potentially lucrative automotive services industry.

Are you ready to pursue a tire and auto service franchise with Big O Tires? Reach out to the team today to begin the process and see why we are a top brand to franchise with in our industry!

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Anyone who understands the basic principles of supply and demand can see the value in a reliable demand for products and services. This makes the automotive service franchise industry a wise one to invest in because cars consistently need servicing. Further, entrepreneurs choosing to franchise with an established industry brand will not only benefit from delivering sought-after services but also gain access to brand name recognition, training, and support resources.

Table of Contents

If you’re searching for a business opportunity that goes beyond a standard tire service and oil change franchise, Big O Tires could be the right fit for you! We offer a comprehensive list of industry-leading auto care services, all due to the franchise business model we’ve built over our decades of experience.

Thanks to our opportunity, we can help prepare Big O Tires franchisees coming from various experiential backgrounds to succeed in their new life in automotive services. We can offer you a strong chance of building a top-tier auto repair franchise with us as well if you are either:

An Auto Repair Franchise with a Variety of Services

Car owners are advised, and sometimes even required, to take their vehicles to an auto shop for inspections. Areas of the car that are examined and worked on can vary based on the car’s mileage since the previous visit. While each make and model of car is different, it’s important that these vehicles receive the required maintenance from trained professionals. (1)

Big O Tires helps our franchisees capitalize on this by providing expert training on a range of automotive services. Customers have come to know Big O franchises as one-stop shops for their auto repair needs. Our commitment to service diversification is evident in the array of auto repair and maintenance efforts available to drivers, such as:

How Our Training and Support Team Helps

Automotive service franchises offering little in the realm of extended services often do not have the advantage of attracting and keeping customers. Big O Tires, however, equips franchisees with the knowledge to offer an array of services through our training program that fully prepares them for life as a one-stop-shop auto service provider that can help maintain a strong customer base. Big O’s training is conducted online at our Big O Tires Academy and in person at one of our fully operational Big O stores. By the end of four weeks, each new franchisee will have been fully introduced to our business model and brand and ready to handle any service requests that arise.

Our training is not limited to the technical details of automotive services. It also provides best practices and other insightful information that includes how to:

Big O franchisees can expect to receive additional support from our corporate team, even after the training program has been completed and their location(s) has celebrated its grand opening. It’s part of our commitment to franchisees, as they often play a significant role in our overall success as a brand by leveraging the growth of Big O Tires as we expand into new territories.

Our loyal customer base has come to expect that our franchisees can resolve nearly any automotive repair issue in one visit to their nearest Big O Tires franchise. Our ability to follow through on this and earn the trust of so many drivers is a testament to the outstanding work and results our franchisees have produced as part of our brand family!

Contact the Big O Tires team and see for yourself why our franchise opportunities are some of the most favorable in the automotive services industry!

1 Car Maintenance Schedule Guide; CARFAX, November 16, 2022

When opening a new franchise, one of the top concerns for many potential investors is finding a business model with the support they need. In the automotive business, there are many brands to choose from.

If you are interested in getting started in the automotive industry, you should start by looking for a franchise opportunity that is worthy of your investment. Not every automotive services brand is willing to put the same amount of resources behind you and your new franchise. You deserve a business model as committed to your franchise's success as you are. Our team has worked with investors from many different backgrounds to help them begin the careers they’ve always dreamed of.

Our car care centers have improved the performance of our clients’ vehicles for over 60 years. Our level of experience has made us one of the top names in our industry, as car owners know the quality of work that each of our locations provides. Not only that, but our vast experience in the automotive business has also shaped our franchise business model thanks to the resources and knowledge we have accumulated along the way.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of working with a franchisor that you can rely on to support your business. We’ll also share how the Big O team works hard to be the best possible franchisor for investors like you.

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Invest in a Brand That Invests in You

Starting a business in the automotive industry can be daunting, especially for individuals who may not have prior experience in a rather technical industry, such as automotive services. Investing in a reliable brand with a comprehensive training program ensures you’ll receive the necessary knowledge and skills to run your franchise successfully. Franchisees who join with brands like these can quickly gain insights into the industry, operational processes, and best practices that will help them win customers. It can also help them avoid costly mistakes and accelerate their learning curve, increasing their chances of success.

At Big O Tires, we know that running an automotive services business involves various complex tasks, including marketing, operations, managing finances and budgets, and, of course, handling everything related to vehicle care. As your franchisor, our experience allows us to provide continuous guidance and assistance in these areas. In fact, we’ve helped many franchisees overcome challenges and optimize their operations through the years.

Whether you need marketing materials, operational manuals, tips on managing our point-of-sales systems, or access to a network of experienced professionals, we can provide it. These assets ensure that you have a solid foundation to build upon so you can focus on growing your business.

Your Automotive Services Franchise Needs a Big Name to Stand Behind You

Franchising with a well-recognized brand can provide many more advantages than starting a business from scratch. These benefits include not only the brand's established reputation and customer loyalty but also a myriad of other aspects that can simplify the process of launching and operating a business.

Brand Recognition 

Consumers gravitate toward brands they know and trust, which can give franchisees a significant competitive advantage, especially against smaller, lesser-known businesses. With franchising, building a customer base from scratch is unnecessary, thus saving time and effort.

Shared Marketing

Franchisees can leverage the existing marketing efforts of the brand, often leading to a quicker return on investment.

Beneficial Relationships

Franchisors generally have established relationships that can offer franchisees access to better pricing, terms, and supply chains. They would likely not have access to many of these assets if they worked independently, particularly in the early stages of business.

Training and Support

Franchisors like Big O offer comprehensive training and support to help new franchisees succeed in their respective industries. For example, Big O provides insights into the automotive industry, guidance on bookkeeping, and advice on inventory management.

Franchisee Testimonials

Perhaps the best way to decide if a franchisor is right for you is to speak with their current franchisees. Reaching out to them will help you learn from their experience and see what level of support the franchisor provides. (1)

Want to know what Big O Tires franchisees say about us? Get in touch with our team to hear from current franchisees and learn more about our franchise opportunity.

1. 10 Key Things to Consider When Evaluating a Franchise Opportunity; AllBusiness, May 18, 2023

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