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The complex architecture of modern vehicles often motivates car owners to find local full-service auto repair shops specializing in meeting their advanced automotive needs. However, locating one is typically easier said than done, as a significant number of auto shops offer limited services. While this can still generate business for the shop, it can also minimize the franchise income potential for those operating one under a more streamlined model.

Leading automotive service industry brands, like Big O Tires, have found ways to capitalize on vehicle owners’ rising demand for full-service auto repair. We utilize our decorated history within the auto repair business, which goes back over 60 years, to attract drivers from all over to visit our franchise locations. Big O franchisees are empowered to grow their businesses through our:

These advantages, along with our full-service approach to automotive repair services, have helped the Big O Tires franchise expand to over 460 locations in 24 states. We’re confident that our franchise opportunity has what it takes to prove why drivers should continue to make us their top choice for their auto repair needs.

The Value of the Full-Service Model

Car owners often gravitate toward full-service auto shops for the comprehensive and convenient nature of their services. The best ones can prove to be a one-stop destination for various automotive needs, providing a range of services under a single roof.

Finding a shop of this caliber has become increasingly important for car owners as the price of vehicles has continued to rise over the years, leaving them to depend on reliable auto repair services to keep their existing vehicles running. With reports showing a 60% jump in average transaction prices for new cars over the last decade (1), drivers, rather than shelling out significant savings on a new vehicle, are pivoting to top-notch car repair shops that can not only address nearly all of their needs but also offer:

Convenience and Time Efficiency

Drivers value shops that can simplify the car care process for them. Car owners can address all their needs in one place rather than dealing with different establishments for routine maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs. This streamlined approach saves time and effort, offering a more convenient and efficient auto service experience.

Comprehensive Expertise

Full-service shops typically employ mechanics with diverse skill sets. From routine oil changes to complex engine diagnostics and transmission repairs, these shops have the expertise to handle a wide array of issues. Car owners appreciate relying on specialists who can address any concern that may arise, eliminating the need to search for various experts to handle the different problems.

Trusted Services

Building a long-term, trusted relationship with an auto repair center is appealing for drivers. When the same shop handles routine maintenance and unforeseen repairs, there's a sense of continuity and familiarity. This trust is vital, as customers want assurance that their vehicles are in capable hands.


While specialized auto shops may excel in specific services, using multiple shops for different needs can become cost-prohibitive. Full-service repair can involve package deals, loyalty programs, or discounted rates for bundled services. Drivers appreciate the potential cost savings while receiving exceptional comprehensive vehicle repair and maintenance services.

Flexible Diagnostic Capabilities

A driver may not always know the exact nature of a problem when they bring their vehicle in for service. For situations like these, in-depth diagnostic capabilities are crucial for accurately identifying the vehicle’s issues. Full-service shops, equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and experienced technicians, can efficiently pinpoint and address problems – including ones that go unnoticed before they are brought into the bay. Car owners value the timely accuracy and adaptability with which these shops can diagnose multiple issues and minimize vehicle downtime.

Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

Leading full-service automotive businesses commonly offer comprehensive maintenance plans that cover routine services over a specified period. These plans make it easy for vehicle owners to stay on top of scheduled maintenance and avoid coordinating with different providers to do so. The convenience of having a tailored plan for the vehicle's ongoing care is a significant competitive advantage that helps total auto care franchises stand out from other competitors.

In essence, full-service automotive shops are often preferred because they deliver a holistic and integrated approach to vehicle care. The factors outlined earlier make franchises like Big O Tires the top choice for those seeking a hassle-free and all-encompassing solution for their automotive needs – creating a reliable demand that franchise owners can leverage to fuel their business growth.

Want more details on how Big O provides a full-scale repair experience for customers that generates positive results for our franchisees? Contact us today to discover the difference we make!

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Big-name automotive franchises are well-positioned to achieve great results and capitalize on strong momentum into the new year. However, this positive outlook does not count for much if the franchising brand cannot support its franchise owners. Finding a tire and automotive brand that makes its franchisees a top priority should be a main focus for investors searching the market.

Big O Tires fits that description. Drawing on our brand’s multi-decade standing as a leader in automotive services, we have risen the ranks in today’s market. This is no easy feat given how much competition exists – a major reason why so many who start a small business auto shop find it difficult to succeed.

Our proven repair and maintenance services, support resources, and far-reaching brand network have given Big O franchisees a valuable competitive advantage. We’re excited to keep pushing forward with new franchisees as we enter 2024 and beyond! 

It's a Great Time to Enter the Tire and Automotive Services Game

Automotive franchises have been able to rely on consistent demand from vehicle owners for some time now. Thankfully, that trend shows little signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future. Recent forecasts project that the global automotive repair and maintenance market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate between 2022 and 2031(1).

The Big O Tires team plans to help our franchisees make the most of this growth by leveraging our multiple revenue streams. Some auto shops prefer to focus on one or two specific auto repair services and establish themselves as experts in those areas. While this can be effective, it can also limit their earning potential and set a cap on the demand they can generate from drivers.

We prefer to structure our offerings so Big O franchisees can satisfy a wider range of auto repair and maintenance requests. This helps us earn and maintain a reputation as the go-to “one-stop shop” for drivers seeking efficient automotive maintenance and repair services. Big O Tires provides franchisees with several key solutions to address their customer's automotive needs, such as:

Tires for Every Ride

Keeping Engines Purring

Going Beyond the Basics

Powering Every Journey

An Automotive Ally for Surrounding Communities

Big O Tires empowers our franchisees to be more than just a standard tire store. We provide franchisees the training, resources, and support to become the trusted service provider their community relies on. We’ll provide you with the resources necessary to help you build on and reap the benefits of the strong customer demand that the auto services industry is witnessing overall.

Reach out to the Big O family to learn more information about becoming the driving force behind your community's automotive well-being. We'll equip you with the tools and expertise to deliver comprehensive services, build lasting relationships, and succeed in the thriving auto care market!

1 Automotive Repair and Maintenance Market Size In 2024: Share, Latest Trends & Forecast 2024 To 2031; Precision Reports, Dec 6, 2023

When starting a new business in the automotive industry, business owners need support. Opening an auto repair shop is rarely an easy task, particularly for those who try to do it on their own. A traditional small business model typically limits the support a single business owner can receive. However, entrepreneurs who choose to franchise often receive plenty of valuable resources they can use to their advantage.

One important aspect to note about franchising is that not every opportunity comes with the same level of support from the franchisor. While some brands take a “sink or swim” approach with their franchisees, others are more active and hands-on. Sometimes, this can lead to the brand being too involved in their franchisees’ daily operations. In these cases, the entrepreneurs can end up feeling like employees, which defeats the purpose of running their own business. Most investors want a franchisor who understands how to offer comprehensive franchise support while allowing them to maintain their independence as owners.

At Big O Tires, we are proud to offer one of the best franchise opportunities in the entire automotive industry. Our team provides each franchisee with pre-opening training and comprehensive support. Having spent multiple decades in business, we know all about what it takes to thrive in the automotive services market. Combining our automotive industry knowledge with our franchisees’ ability to connect with vehicle owners in their areas has generated years of positive results.

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The Important Role of Franchise Support

Receiving robust support from a franchisor is crucial for those looking to start their own tire center franchise. Auto shop owners often face significant challenges due to the complexity of modern vehicles and the demanding nature of the repairs they commonly require. Business owners likely need access to resources, expertise, and guidance that can only come from working with an experienced brand. Some ways that automotive shop owners benefit from their franchisor’s support include the following:

Technological Advancement Training

Cars and other vehicles are among the most essential pieces of technology we own. Auto manufacturers are constantly testing and implementing technological innovations, often to increase safety and efficiency (1).

The right franchisor can offer training programs that keep their franchisees and employees updated on the latest trends, diagnostic techniques, and repair methods. This training ensures that franchisees can effectively address the complex issues modern vehicles present, thus enhancing the quality of service they provide.

Streamlined Operations

Working in automotive services demands efficiency when managing customer requests and repair complexities. A franchisor's operational framework can offer valuable insights into efficiently managing appointments, optimizing service times, and handling peak seasons effectively. Franchised locations that utilize this framework typically experience improved customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Access to Experienced Professionals

Franchising provides entrepreneurs with the ability to learn from others who have experience within the franchise system. Franchisees can exchange knowledge, troubleshoot challenges, and share best practices with the brand’s leadership and even fellow franchise owners. This sense of community creates invaluable benefits, allowing franchisees to tackle problems collectively and learn from each other's experiences.

Marketing and Brand Recognition

Established franchises often have a recognized brand presence that can build customer trust. However, not every brand has a positive reputation, particularly in industries that are as technical and customer service-driven as automotive services. For those who are interested in opening a franchise, choosing a well-known and reputable brand is advantageous.

Another important way franchisors can offer support is by supplying franchisees with marketing materials and assisting with the execution of marketing campaigns. Utilizing the right marketing strategy can help franchisees promote their services effectively. This assistance strengthens customer trust and loyalty, as the franchisor typically knows the best ways to interact and connect with their customer base. This efficiency boost to their marketing allows franchisees to drive more business—sometimes across multiple locations and regions!

Franchisees who want to work with an automotive repair brand that is equally invested in their success as they are should consider Big O Tires. Our well-rounded support lasts throughout our franchisees' tenure with our team. From the first day after signing the franchise agreement to the day of their location’s grand opening, our franchisees can rely on us to have their backs every step of the way!

Curious about how else Big O Tires supports our franchisees? Reach out to our team to discover the difference that franchising with Big O could make for you!

1 The impact of rapid technological evolution on the automotive industry; Anyline, February 22, 2023

When entrepreneurs choose to start a new business in the automotive industry, they will likely need to consider the specific niche or role they will fill. Determining this will not only help them set realistic expectations for their new business and plan their financial investment accordingly, but it will also aid them in their efforts to attract customers. After all, if a vehicle owner does not know what kind of automotive services they can expect to find at a given repair shop, they will most often choose to go elsewhere for their vehicle’s needs.

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While some auto maintenance business owners feel that focusing on a niche can limit their earning potential and the size of their customer base, that is not always true. Big O Tires is a great example of this, as we have expanded our line of services to include far more than just tires. Thanks to our six decades of industry experience, we are skilled in solving the biggest challenges that regularly lead drivers to bring their cars into automotive repair shops to have them fixed. As a result, our franchisees are well-positioned to fill a unique niche in today’s automotive industry, especially compared to other franchise opportunities on the market.

The Importance of Finding a Niche in the Automotive Industry

As we mentioned earlier, determining and targeting a niche can make a crucial difference in how any new business venture fares. Establishing a niche is not just something that a business owner can do overnight. Instead, they need to develop a set of focused actions that their business must commit to and follow through on every day they are open. Building a niche(1) allows many businesses to do the following:

Minimize competition – By choosing to focus on a niche, a business is often better able to avoid direct competition with the big names in their industry. Consumers in the niche market typically prefer organizations that commit to their niche and turn to them first before the brands that are targeting the entire market.

Build credibility – Niche-driven businesses are more likely to be seen as experts and thought leaders when it comes to topics, challenges, and discussions in their area of focus. This often grants them more visibility, trust, and loyalty with consumers instead of just being another generic “face in the crowd.”

Find and communicate effectively with a loyal audience – Consumers with specific needs or values can frequently find themselves disappointed in the lack of a product or service that directly addresses what they are looking for. While larger brands are often too big and busy to focus on them, a company that aligns with a customer’s niche can discover a built-in competitive advantage that allows them to concentrate on high-quality customer service and establishing long-term relationships with these potential customers.

Cut down on marketing expenses – A more targeted audience typically gives an organization more “bang for their buck” when it comes to marketing costs. Companies that target the mass market have to cast as wide of a net as possible - including making the significant financial investment that comes with developing that marketing net. Businesses utilizing niche marketing can drill down to a more targeted audience who are more likely to resonate with and appreciate what the company offers.

How Big O Tires Does This

Creating a niche is easier said than done – it takes a significant investment of time, finances, and other resources that many small business owners cannot afford on their own. This is why Big O Tires has worked to build the ideal niche franchise opportunity in the automotive service industry. As a leading franchisor, we take our responsibilities to those who choose to invest with us very seriously. The Big O Tires team supports our franchisees in a variety of ways, including providing comprehensive training to set franchisees up for success. Here are some examples of the things we do to help our franchisees succeed:

Finding a niche in a competitive industry is usually a difficult task, but with Big O Tires , our investors can feel confident about their chances of success. With a rich brand history and a widespread network of franchise locations that continues to expand, Big O Tires has demonstrated an excellent ability to help our franchisees connect with niche audiences in their area.

Want to learn more about how we can help you find the ideal niche audience for a tire and auto service franchise? Contact us to start a discussion with us today, and we’ll be happy to show you our methods and process!

1 How to Find Your Business Niche; Business News Daily, Feb 21, 2023

If you’re thinking about a franchise investment as your way to become your own boss, we think that’s a smart choice—especially when you partner with Big O Tires to own and operate a car service franchise. Ours is a great opportunity that comes with a tried-and-true business model to take advantage of the auto care industry, which is growing and becoming more important as drivers keep their cars longer and cars get smarter. Your Big O franchise can quickly become your community’s go-to source for expert and trusted service and repairs that the competition simply won’t be able to match!

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An Essential Industry

Americans love their vehicles, and if you need proof, just take a look at these numbers (1): 

·      286M: Number of registered vehicles on US roads today

·      $82B+: American auto manufacturing industry market value

·      7%: Compound annual auto manufacturing industry growth rate 

Americans are holding on to their cars longer than ever, on average just over 12 years(2). Concurrently, a recent analysis found that new vehicle sales are on the decline, thanks to supply chain shortages and climbing interest rates(3). This makes a Big O auto care franchise opportunity an even smarter one to consider. Older cars need better and more frequent care, something you’ll be able to provide your community as a Big O franchisee. You’ll have access to a national tire distribution network and incredible purchasing power that’ll keep your customers coming back and you ahead of the competition!

Big O Tires Franchise: Leading the Way in the Tire Business since 1962

Big O Tires is an iconic brand with a 59-year heritage and an award-winning reputation. We know tires and have been leaders in the automotive industry for decades. As one of North America's largest retail tire franchisors, we make sure our franchisees see ongoing support that includes expert marketing efforts, access to important vendor relationships, continuous research and development, and much more. 

We’re especially proud of the fact that just about anyone can join the Big O car service franchise family regardless of past professional experience. That’s because we offer all our new franchisees comprehensive pre-opening training that brings them up to speed on just about everything they need to know to operate their businesses smoothly, including:

·      How to deliver exceptional customer service

·      How to leverage important vendor relationships

·      How to manage inventory

·      How to use our point-of-sale system

·      How to market their franchise

·      How to keep accurate books

And a lot more!

With more than 430 independently owned and operated automotive service franchise locations in 25 states, Big O Tires is the go-to source for a broad range of automotive services, quality tires, accessories, and more! Are you ready to join us?

Big O Tires is a recognized industry-leading brand that’s enjoying incredible growth. To find out more information about our auto service franchise, get in touch today!

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  3. Autoweek: Still a Sellers' Market, Even as New Vehicle Sales Fall in the First Half of '22, July 4, 2022

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