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The automotive repair industry offers a stable environment for entrepreneurs, but competition can be fierce. Focusing on creating an upscale auto repair business can be a powerful strategy to stand out from many other auto shops. This approach allows you to cater to a well-defined customer group, build expertise, and establish a strong reputation within that market segment.

However, this is often easier said than done – especially if you opt to follow a small business model. Investing in a proven franchise concept instead can help you overcome many of the hurdles that frequently stall the progress of smaller auto repair centers.

Fortunately, Big O Tires offers an upscale auto repair franchise that can position you as a top option for car owners in your area. We’ve spent decades in the automotive services industry and know what it takes for new auto shop businesses to build positive momentum. Our focus goes well beyond tire and general maintenance services – customers know that we also deliver some of the most versatile repairs that can be found in the market. With the mindset we have applied to our franchise locations, it should be no surprise that Big O continues to rise up the ranks of car repair providers.

Benefits of Opening an Upscale Auto Shop

Drivers increasingly need high-quality auto repair services from trained professionals, considering that the average age of cars on the road today continues to climb (1). They will likely prefer an upscale, “one-stop shop” that can address most, if not all, of their repair and maintenance needs in one visit. The benefits of opening an upscale automotive services business include the following:

Reduced Competition

With multiple specialized services, you avoid direct competition with other repair shops that only focus on one or two services or only offer general maintenance.

Enhanced Credibility

Offering specialized expertise in multiple areas fosters trust and positions you as a leader among customers and industry peers.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Auto repair businesses can personalize their service offerings and marketing messages, leading to increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

Efficient Marketing

Targeting an audience of local drivers allows for more focused marketing efforts, maximizing the return on investment for advertising and promotional activities.

Developing a Top Automotive Services Franchise

Relying on the name recognition of a big brand is rarely enough on its own to turn your auto shop into the leading choice for vehicle owners in your area. You should franchise with a brand that will help you attract customers and become their preferred option by doing things like:

Identifying Customer Needs

Research your local market to understand existing gaps in service or areas underserved by competitors. Consider factors like vehicle types (luxury cars, off-road vehicles), repair specialties (electrical, performance modifications), or customer demographics (family cars, eco-conscious owners).

Analyzing Skills and Interests

What types of repairs are you best equipped to offer? What types of expertise do you and your staff possess? Consider focusing on the strengths and passions already in place at your location and building on them.

Evaluate Market Demand

Is there a sufficient customer base to support your new business? Analyze local demographics and competitor offerings to assess the viability of your chosen focus and what you may need to add to improve your auto shop’s offerings in the eyes of local drivers.

Our Supportive Franchise Concept

Big O Tires recognizes the importance of generating the right results for our franchisees and their customers. We offer a comprehensive support system to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in your chosen market.

Training and Development

Our training programs cover a broad range of automotive repair services, while also providing guidance on identifying and catering to specific customer requests.

Inventory Management

We assist franchisees in managing inventory and vendor relationships to ensure they have the necessary parts and equipment to service their target audience effectively.

Marketing Support

We provide resources and expertise to develop targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your local audience.

Customer Service Training

We emphasize the importance of delivering exceptional customer service that aligns with the expectations and values of your market.

Business Best Practices

We offer ongoing support in areas like financial management, operations, and marketing to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Building a Sustainable Future

By focusing on a niche and partnering with a supportive franchise system like Big O Tires, you can position yourself for long-term success in the competitive automotive repair industry. Our extensive experience, established brand reputation, and commitment to franchisee success can help you build a thriving business within a well-defined market.

Ready to bring an upscale automotive services franchise to the car owners in your area? Reach out to the Big O Tires team for more information, and we can discuss our franchise opportunities!

1 Average age of cars on U.S. roads hits a record high as soaring prices means people can’t afford to replace them; Fortune, May 15, 2023

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The complex architecture of modern vehicles often motivates car owners to find local full-service auto repair shops specializing in meeting their advanced automotive needs. However, locating one is typically easier said than done, as a significant number of auto shops offer limited services. While this can still generate business for the shop, it can also minimize the franchise income potential for those operating one under a more streamlined model.

Leading automotive service industry brands, like Big O Tires, have found ways to capitalize on vehicle owners’ rising demand for full-service auto repair. We utilize our decorated history within the auto repair business, which goes back over 60 years, to attract drivers from all over to visit our franchise locations. Big O franchisees are empowered to grow their businesses through our:

These advantages, along with our full-service approach to automotive repair services, have helped the Big O Tires franchise expand to over 460 locations in 24 states. We’re confident that our franchise opportunity has what it takes to prove why drivers should continue to make us their top choice for their auto repair needs.

The Value of the Full-Service Model

Car owners often gravitate toward full-service auto shops for the comprehensive and convenient nature of their services. The best ones can prove to be a one-stop destination for various automotive needs, providing a range of services under a single roof.

Finding a shop of this caliber has become increasingly important for car owners as the price of vehicles has continued to rise over the years, leaving them to depend on reliable auto repair services to keep their existing vehicles running. With reports showing a 60% jump in average transaction prices for new cars over the last decade (1), drivers, rather than shelling out significant savings on a new vehicle, are pivoting to top-notch car repair shops that can not only address nearly all of their needs but also offer:

Convenience and Time Efficiency

Drivers value shops that can simplify the car care process for them. Car owners can address all their needs in one place rather than dealing with different establishments for routine maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs. This streamlined approach saves time and effort, offering a more convenient and efficient auto service experience.

Comprehensive Expertise

Full-service shops typically employ mechanics with diverse skill sets. From routine oil changes to complex engine diagnostics and transmission repairs, these shops have the expertise to handle a wide array of issues. Car owners appreciate relying on specialists who can address any concern that may arise, eliminating the need to search for various experts to handle the different problems.

Trusted Services

Building a long-term, trusted relationship with an auto repair center is appealing for drivers. When the same shop handles routine maintenance and unforeseen repairs, there's a sense of continuity and familiarity. This trust is vital, as customers want assurance that their vehicles are in capable hands.


While specialized auto shops may excel in specific services, using multiple shops for different needs can become cost-prohibitive. Full-service repair can involve package deals, loyalty programs, or discounted rates for bundled services. Drivers appreciate the potential cost savings while receiving exceptional comprehensive vehicle repair and maintenance services.

Flexible Diagnostic Capabilities

A driver may not always know the exact nature of a problem when they bring their vehicle in for service. For situations like these, in-depth diagnostic capabilities are crucial for accurately identifying the vehicle’s issues. Full-service shops, equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and experienced technicians, can efficiently pinpoint and address problems – including ones that go unnoticed before they are brought into the bay. Car owners value the timely accuracy and adaptability with which these shops can diagnose multiple issues and minimize vehicle downtime.

Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

Leading full-service automotive businesses commonly offer comprehensive maintenance plans that cover routine services over a specified period. These plans make it easy for vehicle owners to stay on top of scheduled maintenance and avoid coordinating with different providers to do so. The convenience of having a tailored plan for the vehicle's ongoing care is a significant competitive advantage that helps total auto care franchises stand out from other competitors.

In essence, full-service automotive shops are often preferred because they deliver a holistic and integrated approach to vehicle care. The factors outlined earlier make franchises like Big O Tires the top choice for those seeking a hassle-free and all-encompassing solution for their automotive needs – creating a reliable demand that franchise owners can leverage to fuel their business growth.

Want more details on how Big O provides a full-scale repair experience for customers that generates positive results for our franchisees? Contact us today to discover the difference we make!

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There are so many franchise opportunities out there, like QSR, healthcare, even dumpster rental options! The list is infinite. Here at Big O, we understand that clever entrepreneurs do their research before investing, so we would like to share some of the key benefits of owning a wheel and tire franchise.

Big O Tires has designed franchise opportunities that can elevate new entrants to the top of the automotive services world. We pull from six decades of experience and proven results in auto repair to set our franchisees up for success. This allows new franchise owners to feel confident in their investment, regardless of the auto care expertise (or lack thereof) they bring to our team.

If you’re interested in learning more about what makes us a top wheel and tire franchise, this blog will offer key insights you’ll want to gain. Here, we’ll detail why our investment is the right one for an ambitious entrepreneur like yourself. This information will:

Creating a Superior Franchise Model

Owning a Big O Tires franchise offers an exciting pathway to entrepreneurship, but like any business venture, it's not without its considerations. While franchises mitigate some risks compared to launching a solo business (1), it's crucial to understand the realities involved before taking the leap.

Benefits of Big O Franchise Opportunities

What Makes the Difference for Our Franchisees

Investing in Your Future

While financial resources and a clean record are important, we prioritize passionate individuals who share our values and vision. Successful Big O franchisees are community-oriented, customer-focused, and dedicated to building a successful business alongside our brand.

Becoming a Big O Tires franchisee isn't a shortcut to easy success. It's a journey of commitment, hard work, and collaboration. We provide the roadmap and support, but the drive and determination ultimately come from you. If you're an entrepreneur ready to navigate the path to success with a trusted brand behind you, Big O Tires might be the perfect one to help you reach your destination.

Join the Big O family and become the driving force behind your community's automotive well-being. We'll equip you with the tools and expertise to deliver comprehensive services, build lasting relationships, and succeed in the thriving auto care market!

1 Is Buying a Franchise Less Risky Than Starting or Buying a Business?; David Busker, June 27, 2022

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Today’s cars are becoming increasingly complex. In turn, auto shops must react to provide further repair and maintenance services compared to what is offered at the average oil change franchise. Drivers typically trust repair centers that can address all their repair and maintenance issues. This is a far more preferable option than being required to travel to multiple automotive businesses while waiting at each for necessary work to be completed.

If you’re looking for something with more potential than what most oil lube franchise opportunities can offer, why not consider franchising with Big O Tires? At Big O, our brand has more than 60 years of experience providing our customers with top-tier automotive services. Over time, we have equipped our franchisees with the necessary resources to keep pace with the ever-evolving auto industry.

Leading Auto Repair Shops Provide Many Services

While it’s true that most car owners can bring their vehicles back to the dealership for repairs, it’s often a less desirable option. Typically, dealerships have greater overhead, and their rates tend to be more expensive when it comes to parts and labor (1) – especially compared to an auto center. Big O Tires franchisees are well-placed to offer the same high-quality service dealerships often promise at a better price point.

Big O Tires provides a range of services beyond what a standard oil change franchise provides. We make it our business to offer a comprehensive list of services to satisfy our customers’ varied repair and maintenance needs. Thanks to the variety of capabilities our Big O Tires business model allows for, you can meet diverse customer needs, build loyalty, and thrive in a competitive market. Below are some commonly requested automotive services that any full-service auto shop should offer:

Routine Maintenance

Auto shops should provide services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections to serve as the backbone of their automotive care. These routine check-ups are essential for prolonging vehicle life, optimizing performance, and preventing major issues.

Diagnostic Checks

Advanced diagnostic services can be critical to drivers’ peace of mind and safety, including specific checks for certain parts like the vehicle’s engine, battery, lights, and more. Identifying and addressing issues early on can prevent costly repairs and breakdowns. A shop equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools can offer accurate assessments and efficient solutions.

Brake and Suspension

Brake and suspension issues pose serious safety concerns. Offering brake pad replacements, rotor resurfacing, and suspension repairs ensures that a shop can address critical safety components, enhancing vehicle stability and responsiveness.


Transmission problems can be complex and costly. Automotive services businesses should provide transmission fluid changes, flushes, and repairs to ensure smooth gear shifts and prevent major transmission failures. This service is integral to maintaining the longevity of a vehicle.

Electrical System

Modern vehicles heavily rely on complex electrical systems. Auto care centers can offer any number of services, including battery testing, alternator repairs, and electrical system diagnostics, to address issues related to starting, charging, and powering various vehicle components.

Tire Services

Tire sales, rotations, balancing, and alignments help maintain even tread wear, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance overall vehicle handling.


A damaged exhaust system can impact engine performance and emission control. Auto service businesses should provide exhaust system inspections, repairs, and replacements to ensure compliance with environmental standards and maintain optimal engine function.

Fluid Services

Regular checks and replacements of essential fluids, such as coolant, transmission, and brakes, are fundamental. Auto shops should offer comprehensive fluid services to prevent system failures, overheating, and corrosion.

Versatility Customers Value

A comprehensive array of automotive services is vital for the success and sustainability of an auto business that wants to stand out. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, providing a one-stop solution for customers ensures convenience, builds trust, and positions you as a reliable partner in vehicle care.

Big O Tires has taken this direction to ensure that our franchise locations are not one-dimensional in the eyes of car owners. We can help you establish your new automotive services business as a leader in the many common areas of need that motivate drivers to bring their vehicles into their local auto shop. Together, our franchising relationship will help position you as a respected leader in your community with a brand name known for the best service.

Ready to start a new business venture in the automotive repair and maintenance industry? Contact the Big O Tires team today to discuss our fit together and any next steps in your franchising journey!

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If you are looking to get into the automotive industry, it is unlikely that you will wake up one day and stroll past a storefront with a sign that reads "automotive franchise for sale." No, like anyone in the 21st century, you would hop onto Google and do some research for yourself. Perhaps that is what has brought you to this very page. We wanted to shed some light on what sets Big O apart from your other options.

Big O Tires is an experienced brand that has offered excellent franchise opportunities for many decades. We recognize the important role that we fill as franchisors and are determined to give our franchisees the best chance of success possible.

Motivated candidates have found that our training and support efforts give them a path to building a strong auto repair franchise. Even those who lack experience in automotive services can feel confident in their new business venture as a Big O Tires franchisee.

At Big O Tires, we put your investment right back into your development as a franchise owner. We make this commitment to you and other Big O franchisees to help strengthen you and your franchise to expertly service cars in your market.

Our Automotive Franchise Opportunities: How We Stand Out

We know that there are other automotive franchise opportunities to choose from, but Big O stands out from the competition due to many unique factors. One of the most important things is that you can leverage our stellar brand reputation and presence across the US when you become a franchisee. The Big O name has stood the test of time and has remained a leader in auto repair for the past six decades. Drivers know the value that our franchisees can deliver and frequently turn to us when in need of the services we offer.

Expert Tire Service

Big O Tires gives franchisees access to a vast network of tire manufacturers through our supply chain network of distribution centers across North America. We operate under the TDC Corporation umbrella, which means our franchise owners can leverage their full backing as well.

A Big O franchise is not just equipped to solely focus on selling new tires to car owners. We provide a variety of auto services that include oil changes, maintenance work, and more!

Comprehensive Training

Automotive business owners must demonstrate that they and their staff are experts in their field to turn nearby vehicle owners into loyal customers. We have developed a franchisee training program that can help you prepare to run your Big O location. Even if you have no or very little experience in tire sales and service, you can feel confident in your franchise’s growth prospects after completing your initial training.

The Big O Tires franchisee training program covers numerous topics and responsibilities, such as:

Multiple Layers of Franchise Support

After you complete the training, we will continue to help set you up for success as a Big O franchisee. We’ll help you create and execute local marketing campaigns to spread the news of your location’s opening to local drivers. Our team makes hyperlocal marketing templates available to you, so you can directly incorporate the tactics you know will resonate best with car owners in your territory. We also consistently run national campaigns that spread brand awareness, which can help all Big O franchises earn more business. 

Each Big O franchise owner is assigned a protected territory that their locations operate within. This means that you won’t have to directly compete with fellow Big O franchisees as you work to establish yourself in the industry. We have developed a vast presence with more than 465 locations in 25 states, showing that the Big O Tires brand name can give your tire franchise the staying power it needs!

Those searching for the right automotive franchise for sale should look for a franchisor who can prove they deserve your investment. Franchise brands that are willing to provide a significant level of training and support can make all the difference but are difficult to come by (1). The entire Big O Tires team is dedicated to proving that our tire business opportunity is the right one for you. We provide many resources to put you in a strong position within the competitive yet potentially lucrative automotive services industry.

Are you ready to pursue a tire and auto service franchise with Big O Tires? Reach out to the team today to begin the process and see why we are a top brand to franchise with in our industry!

1. 10 Key Things to Consider When Evaluating a Franchise Opportunity; AllBusiness, May 18, 2023

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When you start a new business, one of your goals will be to rank well above your competitors. However, it can be difficult to do so in the automotive services industry. A top 10 automotive franchises rating is nearly impossible to attain unless you franchise with a brand that has already achieved that ranking.

Since our start in 1962, Big O Tires has firmly established itself as one of the best automotive franchises to open. Throughout our many years in business, we have demonstrated expert knowledge about far more than our superior selection of tires. The Big O team has been able to help prepare entrepreneurs of various backgrounds for their new life as versatile auto repair franchise owners.

Regardless of their level of experience with automotive services, Big O franchisees can feel confident knowing how best to operate their new business on a day-to-day basis. This is thanks to the strong training resources and guidance our team provides to set entrepreneurs like you up for success.

Estimates put the total number of small businesses in the US at over 30 million (1). As a result, plenty of small business owners find it difficult to stand out from the crowd and attract customers. By franchising with Big O Tires, you'll find you can rely on repeat business from area drivers with auto repair issues because they'll know they can depend on the expertise and extensive services your professional technicians can provide them.

What Puts Big O Among the Best Automotive Franchises to Open

Big O Tires has earned our place among the top 10 automotive franchises for various reasons. We’re a leading brand to invest in, not only for the auto services our locations offer car owners but also for the many ways we support our franchisees. The Big O team works tirelessly to position your franchise location(s) as the top option for local car owners. We do this by offering:

Versatile Services

When a vehicle is brought in for repairs, multiple issues may require attention. In this case, car owners prefer to frequent an auto shop that can resolve all their needs in a one-stop visit rather than relying on various shops to fix their automotive repair problems.

Big O automotive franchises are well-known among drivers for the variety of services we can complete. While tires are a crucial part of what we do, they are not the only service we offer. Our franchises are equipped with the capability to provide:

Customers nationwide have grown to appreciate the value that our franchises present as we have added new locations throughout North America. They also know that we price our services at a lower rate compared to most car dealerships. This has helped our brand form a strong level of customer loyalty that franchisees can rely on to win more business.

Ongoing Training and Support

Big O Tires requires each new franchisee to complete our four-week pre-opening training to fully prepare them for life as an automotive services franchise owner. This training provides valuable insights and best practices on several topics, such as:

Even after completing your initial training, you can still count on the full support of the Big O Tires brand. Our team can help your location(s) through local marketing assistance and shared purchasing power. These support efforts are designed to assist you in reaching local car owners and becoming their preferred auto shop.

A Strong Brand Presence

With more than 460 locations in 24 states, Big O Tires is among North America's largest retail tire franchisors. As part of the TBC Corporation, our franchisees benefit from their independent ownership, with support from one of the largest marketers of automotive services.

The Big O brand name adds instant value to your auto shop, a key benefit that traditional small businesses are unable to take advantage of. Additionally, each franchisee is assigned a designated territory with no other Big O stores open within a two-mile radius. This ensures you’ll not have to compete with any members of other Big O stores.

It requires a significant amount of effort to reach the top of the automotive services industry. Fortunately for our franchisees, Big O Tires has already done the bulk of that work. You can realize this for yourself by choosing to franchise with a brand like Big O that sets you up for success!

Contact the Big O Tires team to learn more information about our franchise opportunities!

1 The Ascent; 2022 Small Business Ownership Statistics; DP Taylor; Aug. 5, 2022

Anyone who understands the basic principles of supply and demand can see the value in a reliable demand for products and services. This makes the automotive service franchise industry a wise one to invest in because cars consistently need servicing. Further, entrepreneurs choosing to franchise with an established industry brand will not only benefit from delivering sought-after services but also gain access to brand name recognition, training, and support resources.

Table of Contents

If you’re searching for a business opportunity that goes beyond a standard tire service and oil change franchise, Big O Tires could be the right fit for you! We offer a comprehensive list of industry-leading auto care services, all due to the franchise business model we’ve built over our decades of experience.

Thanks to our opportunity, we can help prepare Big O Tires franchisees coming from various experiential backgrounds to succeed in their new life in automotive services. We can offer you a strong chance of building a top-tier auto repair franchise with us as well if you are either:

An Auto Repair Franchise with a Variety of Services

Car owners are advised, and sometimes even required, to take their vehicles to an auto shop for inspections. Areas of the car that are examined and worked on can vary based on the car’s mileage since the previous visit. While each make and model of car is different, it’s important that these vehicles receive the required maintenance from trained professionals. (1)

Big O Tires helps our franchisees capitalize on this by providing expert training on a range of automotive services. Customers have come to know Big O franchises as one-stop shops for their auto repair needs. Our commitment to service diversification is evident in the array of auto repair and maintenance efforts available to drivers, such as:

How Our Training and Support Team Helps

Automotive service franchises offering little in the realm of extended services often do not have the advantage of attracting and keeping customers. Big O Tires, however, equips franchisees with the knowledge to offer an array of services through our training program that fully prepares them for life as a one-stop-shop auto service provider that can help maintain a strong customer base. Big O’s training is conducted online at our Big O Tires Academy and in person at one of our fully operational Big O stores. By the end of four weeks, each new franchisee will have been fully introduced to our business model and brand and ready to handle any service requests that arise.

Our training is not limited to the technical details of automotive services. It also provides best practices and other insightful information that includes how to:

Big O franchisees can expect to receive additional support from our corporate team, even after the training program has been completed and their location(s) has celebrated its grand opening. It’s part of our commitment to franchisees, as they often play a significant role in our overall success as a brand by leveraging the growth of Big O Tires as we expand into new territories.

Our loyal customer base has come to expect that our franchisees can resolve nearly any automotive repair issue in one visit to their nearest Big O Tires franchise. Our ability to follow through on this and earn the trust of so many drivers is a testament to the outstanding work and results our franchisees have produced as part of our brand family!

Contact the Big O Tires team and see for yourself why our franchise opportunities are some of the most favorable in the automotive services industry!

1 Car Maintenance Schedule Guide; CARFAX, November 16, 2022

Automotive franchise opportunities have long caught the eye of entrepreneurs for various reasons, starting with the number of cars on the road today, which inevitably requires repairs and maintenance. The crucial role these vehicles play in people's everyday lives, whether traveling to work, school, doctor's appointments, or other related destinations, places a high value on automotive services.

If repairs are not done correctly the first time or take an extended period of time to complete, it can have a major effect on people’s daily activities. When car owners require automotive services, they often try different nearby auto shops until they discover the one that surpasses the rest and will likely return for any future maintenance, repair, or replacement service needs.

This opportunity to capture returning clients makes investing in an auto repair franchise a smart choice. However, when choosing which brand to franchise with, entrepreneurs should consider the pros and cons most likely to affect an auto shop’s chances of success. Not all automotive franchise opportunities hold the same level of growth potential.

Table of Contents

Big O Tires has earned a fantastic reputation within the automotive services industry. Customers love the versatility of our tire care, oil change, and other repair efforts, along with our outstanding customer service. Meanwhile, investors have come to find that the Big O team offers industry-leading support that enables them to quickly become a top choice in their local market. We have seamlessly expanded into new territories and have helped our franchisees build positive momentum to achieve their automotive business goals.

Factors that Determine Auto Repair Services Franchise Growth

Franchises across all industries have demonstrated rapid expansion, with franchise output reaching over $826 billion in 2022. (1) When it comes to achieving franchise growth, several factors determine the potential of an automotive services business. This blog will outline some of them and how Big O Tires positions our franchisees to make the most of each. 

Brand Reputation and Presence

A well-known and respected brand attracts customers, while a proven business model offers a roadmap for success. The support franchisors provide, including training, marketing assistance, and operational guidance, is also crucial. A franchisor that offers comprehensive support can help franchisees overcome challenges and maximize their growth potential.

Big O Tires has a well-documented history dating back over 60 years, providing some of the best auto repair services on the market. With each location we open, we instill our brand’s customer-first focus. This commitment allows Big O franchisees to realize the full benefits of our position within the industry and furthers our reputation with customers.

Market Demand

A franchise offering something unique or superior in a market with strong demand will likely have greater growth potential. Market research and an understanding of local demographics and consumer behavior are vital in assessing this demand. The significant need for auto repair services and years of experience within the Big O Tires team has helped us generate strong customer traffic.

Territory Selection

The location of the franchise can significantly impact its growth. A franchise in a high-traffic area with the right demographic characteristics can attract more customers and generate higher sales. The level of competition in the area also influences earning potential; a market saturated with similar businesses can limit a franchise's ability to perform at a high level.

Big O Tires strategically opens new franchise locations in areas where a high volume of car owners reside. This makes it more likely they’ll visit our shops, as the convenience of having a local option heavily impacts decision-making.

How We Help Our Tire Franchisees Grow

Big O Tires designed our franchise opportunity to appeal to and offer entrepreneurs from a wide variety of career paths a chance to make the most of their investment. We don’t exclusively partner with mechanics with decades of experience in auto repair. Big O franchisees complete a thorough training program that is conducted prior to the opening of their location(s). This training familiarizes them with:

As a Big O franchisee, you'll emerge from your training fully prepared to take on life as an automotive services business owner. And with our ongoing support, the Big O Tires team will never stop in our efforts to help you continue to grow your location.

Ready to work with an experienced franchisor in the automotive sector? Contact Big O Tires, and we can discuss our franchise opportunities today!

1 Why Is Franchising Growing In 2023?; IFA, Jan 23, 2023

Cars need regular service, maintenance, and repairs – and oil changes are a great example of that. Since most cars require an oil change every three to six months, drivers are frequently searching for the best quick oil change franchise to handle this for them. (1)

Most communities have several independently owned and operated automotive service shops that provide oil changes and other vehicle services, but lack the reputation of an established brand. For entrepreneurs looking to enter the auto repair industry, opening a Big O Tires franchise can be a smart investment to make.

Big O has been winning over car owners with our wide range of repair and maintenance offerings and stellar customer service since 1962. Our many years in the auto services industry have allowed us to learn what our customers need and how to deliver it to them in the best way possible.

We are also part of the TBC Corporation, North America’s largest marketer of automotive replacement tires – driving our brand awareness even higher. The reputation we’ve built with car owners benefits our franchise owners, giving them a greater chance to start with real momentum from day one!

Table of Contents

Need for Quick Oil Change Services and More

Many quick oil change franchise opportunities don’t offer customers complete auto maintenance services.  Would you invest in a franchise that requires your hard-won new customers to go elsewhere when they need the bigger ticket auto care services, such as tire replacement and brake work?

The Big O Tires oil change franchise opportunity provides a one-stop shop for auto care preventative maintenance services, and a customer experience that encourages both repeat oil change and wheel well services. Big O Tires stands out in the minds of customers for our ability to serve drivers no matter what they need!

So what is it about our quick oil change franchise offering that has convinced so many investors to choose Big O Tires?  The primary appeal is being able to offer a quick and convenient oil change service that clients use every 5,000 miles.

Many quick oil change franchise opportunities don’t offer customers complete auto maintenance services.
When You Buy a Big O Tires Franchise, You Also Get an Oil Change Franchise 4

At Big O Tires, we’ve found many markets in middle- to upper-middle class neighborhoods are best served by a one-stop automotive services shop, especially one with the purchasing power of the second largest manufacturer, distributor, and seller of tires in the U.S. Car owners love that they can receive multiple services for all their vehicle’s repair and maintenance needs under one roof.

Our Franchisee Benefits

While our oil change capabilities and other auto maintenance offerings certainly benefit our customers and franchisees alike, there are even more reasons why investors should choose to open a Big O Tires franchise. These include:

Designated Territory Access

Each franchisee is assigned a territory that the Big O team has researched to ensure it possesses sufficient consumer demand for an auto repair shop. Each franchisee is also protected, as no other Big O stores can open within a 2-mile radius of an existing location.

Purchasing Power

This helps with quick inventory ordering and favorable cost structures so Big O franchisees have what they need to meet customer expectations and sell at competitive prices that appeal to drivers.

Brand Recognition

Our rich history and franchise growth gives investors a built-in advantage they might struggle to find or build elsewhere.

Franchisee Training 

If you want to be considered the best quick oil change franchise in your area, you will likely need a comprehensive training program. Big O’s training familiarizes new franchisees with what it takes to build their locations and attract the customers that can help their business grow.

Marketing Support

Our team works to establish a strong footing for our franchisees as they prepare to open their locations and make potential customers aware that a Big O auto repair shop is coming to their area.

Having opened more than 465 franchise and company owned locations in 24 states, the Big O Tires team knows what it takes to get business owners started in a competitive and growing automotive services industry. With six decades of history and significant customer demand backing us, our quick oil franchise opportunity offers strong growth potential.

Excited to learn more about how drivers trust us for their vehicles’ most critical auto service needs? Contact the Big O Tires team today to discuss our franchise opportunity.

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When you take advantage of a Big O automotive service and repair business opportunity, you’ll enjoy numerous advantages that aren’t available when you start your business from scratch — perks like a time-tested franchise business model, unmatched brand recognition, expert marketing help, and much more. But a common reason why so many of our franchisees opened their business was to know the experience of being their own boss and striking a better work/life balance. That freedom is one of the best benefits of going into business for yourself, and here we’ll look at that and other perks that come with business ownership.

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Enjoy More Balance Between Work and Home

Too many people go to work each day feeling less than enthusiastic about how the next 8 hours are about to unfold. They put in a long, hard day toward someone else’s bottom line and sacrifice a lot of time and energy that could be going toward something more meaningful — like family and friends — or hobbies or vacations! Because the Big O Tires business model is a proven one, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of running your franchise, and that often means many of our franchisees find that their time becomes much more flexible, and they have more of it to spend the way they’d like. They’re able to strike a better work/life balance and, as a result, are often better able to meet the responsibilities of business ownership.

You Call the Shots with Our Tire Franchise Opportunity

If you’ve been an employee for any length of time, there have probably been times when you’ve wished you had more say in something — perhaps in how to manage a situation or contribute to company growth or handle a customer request. Employees don’t typically have much control over important decision-making, but business owners do! In reality, they have the final say and make it their responsibility to stay engaged and in the loop to make important decisions about business operations.

When you take advantage of our tire franchise opportunity to become an owner of a Big O Tires franchise, that freedom will become yours, too. As a franchisee, you’ll rely on your trusted employees to help with day-to-day operations. But you’ll be making the important decisions yourself, aided by our team of experts and our system standards.

In Business for Yourself but Not by Yourself

Being your own boss can mean a rewarding life in many ways, but it can also be a challenging one. Ask anyone who has started their business from scratch, and they’ll tell you they’d welcome some help. Enter the Big O Tires franchise business model! It’ll take a lot of the guesswork out of running your automotive service franchise, and combined with our expert training and support, it will mean you’re in the tire business for yourself, not by yourself! The Big O Tires brand depends on the success of each of our franchisees, but that’s not the only reason we’re there for them; we know they deserve our help, and we’re only too happy to give it to them!

The Big O Tires franchise opportunity is a premier one. To find out more information about it, get in touch today!

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