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When you think of the Big O Tires brand, tires are likely the first thing that comes to mind. However, Big O franchises offer a wide array of upscale automotive repair services beyond just tire repair and replacement.

Our versatile range of services not only meets the diverse needs of customers but also enhances each Big O franchise’s appeal as a one-stop shop for all automotive care needs. Here’s a deeper look at the extensive services provided by Big O Tires and how they contribute to our upscale status in an industry full of options for drivers.

Comprehensive Auto Services

A Big O Tires automotive repair franchise is fully equipped to meet just about any challenge that a car owner is experiencing with their vehicle (1). Not only do we supply the technology so each Big O location can deliver the versatile services customers expect, but we also train and support our franchise owners so they are empowered to do so. In addition to tire-related repair, a Big O Tires franchise can provide local drivers with an array of automotive services that include:

Routine Maintenance and Oil Changes

Regular maintenance is the backbone of vehicle longevity and performance. These routine services are crucial for keeping vehicles running at optimal levels and preventing costly repairs down the line. Big O Tires franchises provide thorough maintenance services such as:

Brake Services

Brakes are among any vehicle's most critical safety components, and Big O franchises offer complete brake services. This includes brake pad replacement, rotor resurfacing, brake fluid checks, and comprehensive brake system evaluations. Our attention to detail and commitment to safety ensures that customers leave with a vehicle that’s not only repaired but also thoroughly checked for safety.

Suspension and Alignment Services

Proper alignment and suspension are essential for a vehicle’s drivability and for extending the life of tires. Big O locations are equipped with advanced technology to perform precise alignment and suspension services, ensuring that vehicles handle smoothly and efficiently. This service is vital for enhancing the driving experience and maintaining vehicle health.

Battery Services

Battery checks and replacement services are also offered, ensuring that vehicles start reliably and electronic components function correctly. Reliable battery service is a must, especially in areas with extreme weather. That is why Big O Tires uses top-quality products at each of our franchises to ensure peak performance.

Upscale Service Experience

What sets Big O Tires apart as an upscale automotive repair brand is not only the variety of services we offer but also the quality of the customer experience we deliver. Here’s how Big O Tires ensures an upscale service experience at our widespread franchise locations:

Welcoming Facilities

Big O Tires locations have modern, clean, well-maintained facilities that reflect our commitment to excellence. The inviting environment makes customers feel comfortable, and helps assure them that their vehicles are being handled by professionals.

Highly Trained Technicians

All staff technicians at Big O Tires are highly trained and stay updated with the latest automotive technology and techniques. This expertise allows them to diagnose and repair issues efficiently and accurately, providing customers with high-quality service that they can trust.

Customer-Centric Services

We strongly emphasize customer satisfaction and convenience at each Big O franchise location. This includes clear communication, transparent pricing, and a focus on providing timely and reliable services. Additional amenities like comfortable waiting areas and personable staff contribute to an overall superior service experience.

Big O Tires franchises deliver a comprehensive suite of automotive maintenance and repair services that have contributed to our stellar reputation with car owners. By offering a wide range of services, comfortable facilities, professional expertise, and comprehensive training, with a focus on customer satisfaction, we’ve positioned ourselves as a leader among automotive franchises.

For customers looking for reliable, high-quality automotive care and entrepreneurs seeking a solid business opportunity, Big O Tires offers an attractive proposition that stands out in the market.

Reach out to us, and we’ll paint you the full picture of why Big O Tires has the right franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs like you!

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