Why Drivers Are Eager for Full-Service Auto Repair

January 8, 2024
A person in a mechanic's uniform and gloves is working on a car with the hood open at a wheel and tire franchise.

The complex architecture of modern vehicles often motivates car owners to find local full-service auto repair shops specializing in meeting their advanced automotive needs. However, locating one is typically easier said than done, as a significant number of auto shops offer limited services. While this can still generate business for the shop, it can also minimize the franchise income potential for those operating one under a more streamlined model.

Leading automotive service industry brands, like Big O Tires, have found ways to capitalize on vehicle owners’ rising demand for full-service auto repair. We utilize our decorated history within the auto repair business, which goes back over 60 years, to attract drivers from all over to visit our franchise locations. Big O franchisees are empowered to grow their businesses through our:

  • Purchasing power that keeps our prices favorable in relation to the market
  • Marketing assistance that raises awareness for new locations by targeting the ideal customer profile in each local area
  • Brand recognition that resonates with car owners and adds instant value to each Big O location

These advantages, along with our full-service approach to automotive repair services, have helped the Big O Tires franchise expand to over 460 locations in 24 states. We’re confident that our franchise opportunity has what it takes to prove why drivers should continue to make us their top choice for their auto repair needs.

The Value of the Full-Service Model

Car owners often gravitate toward full-service auto shops for the comprehensive and convenient nature of their services. The best ones can prove to be a one-stop destination for various automotive needs, providing a range of services under a single roof.

Finding a shop of this caliber has become increasingly important for car owners as the price of vehicles has continued to rise over the years, leaving them to depend on reliable auto repair services to keep their existing vehicles running. With reports showing a 60% jump in average transaction prices for new cars over the last decade (1), drivers, rather than shelling out significant savings on a new vehicle, are pivoting to top-notch car repair shops that can not only address nearly all of their needs but also offer:

Convenience and Time Efficiency

Drivers value shops that can simplify the car care process for them. Car owners can address all their needs in one place rather than dealing with different establishments for routine maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs. This streamlined approach saves time and effort, offering a more convenient and efficient auto service experience.

Comprehensive Expertise

Full-service shops typically employ mechanics with diverse skill sets. From routine oil changes to complex engine diagnostics and transmission repairs, these shops have the expertise to handle a wide array of issues. Car owners appreciate relying on specialists who can address any concern that may arise, eliminating the need to search for various experts to handle the different problems.

Trusted Services

Building a long-term, trusted relationship with an auto repair center is appealing for drivers. When the same shop handles routine maintenance and unforeseen repairs, there's a sense of continuity and familiarity. This trust is vital, as customers want assurance that their vehicles are in capable hands.


While specialized auto shops may excel in specific services, using multiple shops for different needs can become cost-prohibitive. Full-service repair can involve package deals, loyalty programs, or discounted rates for bundled services. Drivers appreciate the potential cost savings while receiving exceptional comprehensive vehicle repair and maintenance services.

Flexible Diagnostic Capabilities

A driver may not always know the exact nature of a problem when they bring their vehicle in for service. For situations like these, in-depth diagnostic capabilities are crucial for accurately identifying the vehicle’s issues. Full-service shops, equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and experienced technicians, can efficiently pinpoint and address problems – including ones that go unnoticed before they are brought into the bay. Car owners value the timely accuracy and adaptability with which these shops can diagnose multiple issues and minimize vehicle downtime.

Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

Leading full-service automotive businesses commonly offer comprehensive maintenance plans that cover routine services over a specified period. These plans make it easy for vehicle owners to stay on top of scheduled maintenance and avoid coordinating with different providers to do so. The convenience of having a tailored plan for the vehicle's ongoing care is a significant competitive advantage that helps total auto care franchises stand out from other competitors.

In essence, full-service automotive shops are often preferred because they deliver a holistic and integrated approach to vehicle care. The factors outlined earlier make franchises like Big O Tires the top choice for those seeking a hassle-free and all-encompassing solution for their automotive needs – creating a reliable demand that franchise owners can leverage to fuel their business growth.

Want more details on how Big O provides a full-scale repair experience for customers that generates positive results for our franchisees? Contact us today to discover the difference we make!

1 The Growth of New Car Prices in the U.S.; Visual Capitalist, Dec 23, 2023


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