When You Buy a Big O Tires Franchise, You Also Get an Oil Change Franchise

May 15, 2023
Big O Tires Franchise Staff Conducting a Quick Oil Change

Cars need regular service, maintenance, and repairs – and oil changes are a great example of that. Since most cars require an oil change every three to six months, drivers are frequently searching for the best quick oil change franchise to handle this for them. (1)

Most communities have several independently owned and operated automotive service shops that provide oil changes and other vehicle services, but lack the reputation of an established brand. For entrepreneurs looking to enter the auto repair industry, opening a Big O Tires franchise can be a smart investment to make.

Big O has been winning over car owners with our wide range of repair and maintenance offerings and stellar customer service since 1962. Our many years in the auto services industry have allowed us to learn what our customers need and how to deliver it to them in the best way possible.

We are also part of the TBC Corporation, North America’s largest marketer of automotive replacement tires – driving our brand awareness even higher. The reputation we’ve built with car owners benefits our franchise owners, giving them a greater chance to start with real momentum from day one!

Need for Quick Oil Change Services and More

Many quick oil change franchise opportunities don’t offer customers complete auto maintenance services.  Would you invest in a franchise that requires your hard-won new customers to go elsewhere when they need the bigger ticket auto care services, such as tire replacement and brake work?

The Big O Tires oil change franchise opportunity provides a one-stop shop for auto care preventative maintenance services, and a customer experience that encourages both repeat oil change and wheel well services. Big O Tires stands out in the minds of customers for our ability to serve drivers no matter what they need!

So what is it about our quick oil change franchise offering that has convinced so many investors to choose Big O Tires?  The primary appeal is being able to offer a quick and convenient oil change service that clients use every 5,000 miles.

Many quick oil change franchise opportunities don’t offer customers complete auto maintenance services.
When You Buy a Big O Tires Franchise, You Also Get an Oil Change Franchise 4

At Big O Tires, we’ve found many markets in middle- to upper-middle class neighborhoods are best served by a one-stop automotive services shop, especially one with the purchasing power of the second largest manufacturer, distributor, and seller of tires in the U.S. Car owners love that they can receive multiple services for all their vehicle’s repair and maintenance needs under one roof.

Our Franchisee Benefits

While our oil change capabilities and other auto maintenance offerings certainly benefit our customers and franchisees alike, there are even more reasons why investors should choose to open a Big O Tires franchise. These include:

Designated Territory Access

Each franchisee is assigned a territory that the Big O team has researched to ensure it possesses sufficient consumer demand for an auto repair shop. Each franchisee is also protected, as no other Big O stores can open within a 2-mile radius of an existing location.

Purchasing Power

This helps with quick inventory ordering and favorable cost structures so Big O franchisees have what they need to meet customer expectations and sell at competitive prices that appeal to drivers.

Brand Recognition

Our rich history and franchise growth gives investors a built-in advantage they might struggle to find or build elsewhere.

Franchisee Training 

If you want to be considered the best quick oil change franchise in your area, you will likely need a comprehensive training program. Big O’s training familiarizes new franchisees with what it takes to build their locations and attract the customers that can help their business grow.

Marketing Support

Our team works to establish a strong footing for our franchisees as they prepare to open their locations and make potential customers aware that a Big O auto repair shop is coming to their area.

Having opened more than 465 franchise and company owned locations in 24 states, the Big O Tires team knows what it takes to get business owners started in a competitive and growing automotive services industry. With six decades of history and significant customer demand backing us, our quick oil franchise opportunity offers strong growth potential.

Excited to learn more about how drivers trust us for their vehicles’ most critical auto service needs? Contact the Big O Tires team today to discuss our franchise opportunity.

  1. This is How Frequently You Need to Change the Oil in Your Car; Metromile, May 26, 2021


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