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The Revenue Streams of Our Automotive Service Franchise

June 12, 2023
An automotive franchise mechanic is checking the tire pressure of a car.

Identifying and building multiple revenue streams is a business best practice that is important for entrepreneurs to abide by no matter what industry they choose to enter. Throughout our 60 years in business, Big O Tires has worked to establish a strong variety of revenue streams for our automotive service franchise opportunity.

Not only does this give our investors a smoother path to emerging as a top auto repair choice for drivers in their territory, but it also typically strengthens the performance of the Big O Tires brand overall. One of the main reasons we dedicate so many resources to training and supporting our franchisees is that their success also drives our success. This is evident in how we have grown from our humble beginnings to now boasting well over 450 locations in 25 states across the country.

Many automotive service businesses, both big and small, like to focus on just one area of car maintenance, whether it is the engine, battery, lights, or another specific part. While that may work for their brand strategy, it can hinder their ability to drive significant revenue – which is especially frustrating for entrepreneurs who chose to invest in an auto repair franchise (if the brand even offers one).

Multiple Automotive and Tire Service Options Build Customer Loyalty and Revenue

Big O Tires is one of the few auto repair franchises that can service several different parts of a vehicle rather than just one. Cars play a vital role in the average American’s daily life – but they also have many parts that are liable to break down and need maintenance or repairs (1), especially as they get older. As a result, vehicle owners are sometimes faced with the task of taking their valuable possession to a qualified auto repair specialist who can address their vehicle’s issues.

They will likely want to choose a repair shop that can resolve as many issues as possible in one visit rather than taking multiple trips throughout their nearby area to auto shops that specialize in one part. Not only is this not economical for the driver, but it can also be dangerous if they are driving a car that is not functioning properly to and from different repair shops.

This is where an automotive service franchise with Big O Tires makes all the difference, as our franchisees are trained to offer a variety of services under one roof. Doing so can allow them to quickly win over potential customers while simultaneously generating multiple streams of revenue from a single car appointment. Some examples of the many automotive services that drivers choose Big O Tires to handle for their vehicles are:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire sales, repairs, and installation
  • Wheel alignments
  • Filter replacements
  • Car battery treatments
  • Car fluid maintenance
  • Brake repairs
  • Suspension and front end services
  • And plenty more!

Don’t Forget Regular Car Maintenance!

While some drivers wait until their car is broken down and needs our full-service repairs to get back on the road again, most recognize that vehicles should be taken in for check-ups and maintenance work regularly. At Big O Tires, we don’t exclusively focus on the treatments for “disaster” scenarios. We also provide the necessary maintenance services that keep many of our customers’ cars running smoothly.

Whether they first visit us because they need to repair broken parts or simply need to get a check under the hood to ensure everything is running well, many drivers are impressed at the level of service they receive at their nearest Big O franchise. This is partly due to how we structure our pre-opening training for each new investor who chooses to franchise with us.

Our comprehensive support programs ensure that each Big O Tires franchisee has everything they need to properly service each vehicle brought to their location and leave customers with a positive impression from their visit with us. Building the ideal customer experience is another important part of establishing a reliable revenue stream in most industries – especially one as reliant on customer service as the auto repair industry.

Having a diverse set of service offerings and a solid system for preparing franchisees for their interactions with customers are two crucial components of our support for our franchisees . Our commitment to this focus has helped the Big O Tires team grow exponentially since opening our first location over 60 years ago, as we now have more than 450 locations operating across the US – and we’re excited to add even more very soon!

Interested in learning more about revenue streams for your auto service franchise? Contact us today to determine if franchising with Big O Tires is the right fit for you!

1 Car Maintenance Guide: Everything You Need to Know; Kelly Blue Book, Apr 10, 2023


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