Building Strong Tire Franchise Opportunities in Indiana

July 31, 2023
Building Strong Tire Franchise Opportunities in Indiana

Indiana business owners considering franchise opportunities should ensure they find one that offers a strong path for growth. Following a traditional small business model can restrict the full potential of a new business venture because of limited access to support and resources.

Managing every business-related task can be difficult for investors, particularly if the organization is owned and run by just one person. Franchising gives potential owners a better chance of buying a business without the roadblocks associated with going it alone, as they can leverage the expertise and experience of their franchisor.

The tire service industry has constant demand as tires have a limited lifespan. The driving public prioritizes an auto tire center they can trust and feel confident returning to whenever they experience tire issues.

Big O Tires has a growing number of locations in Indiana, and has created an opportunity that allows local franchise business owners to position themselves as the ideal tire franchise for nearby drivers. We have been considered one of the best tire service providers in the market throughout our six decades of tenure and growth in the industry. Investors searching for the right business for sale in Evansville, IN, for example, will be excited to hear that we are ready to open a location in the area – and we are actively seeking the right franchisee to open it.

Why Start a Tire Franchise in Indiana?

Indiana is a fantastic example of a growing market for businesses of all sizes and in most industries. Indiana was ranked as the sixth-best state for business in the US by Chief Executive in 2023 (1). Below are just some of the factors that helped Indiana earn that honor – and what makes the state a great setting for new businesses:

Business-Friendly Environment

Indiana has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the country and offers various incentives for businesses, including tax credits for job creation and capital investment. The regulatory environment is also designed to be straightforward and supportive, reducing the bureaucratic hurdles that can often impede business growth.

Strategic Location

The state’s position in the heart of the Midwest provides significant logistical advantages. Indiana is within a day's drive of over half of the US population, making it an ideal hub for businesses that rely on transportation and distribution. Indiana also has a robust infrastructure, including an extensive highway system, major rail networks, and the internationally recognized Port of Indiana.

Skilled Workforce

Indiana is home to several top-tier universities and technical schools, providing a steady stream of educated and trained workers. Additionally, Indiana's manufacturing heritage has created a workforce that's familiar with production, logistics, and operational efficiency. The state’s high percentage of well-trained and educated workers gives customers more confidence when visiting local service-based businesses.

Lower Business Expenses

The cost of doing business in Indiana is relatively low compared to other states. This includes lower prices for real estate, utilities, and labor. These lower costs can help new businesses stretch their startup capital further and increase their chances of success.

High Quality of Life

The state has a lower cost of living than the national average, and residents enjoy access to beautiful parks and cultural and sporting events. This quality of life can help attract and retain employees, making it easier for businesses to build a talented team.

Big O Tires Is the Franchisor Investors Deserve

At Big O Tires,At Big O Tires, our auto service team firmly believes that the best franchisor-franchisee relationships are ones that operate as a true partnership. This is why we work to enable new franchisees to hit the ground running with positive momentum and a firm grasp on the direction of their business.

Part of our commitment to making this a reality for Big O franchisees is evident in how we train them for life as franchise owners. We educate our investors on how to do the following:

  • Implement industry best practices
  • Market and explain the services we offer to customers
  • Reliably deliver solutions to meet customer needs
  • Provide top-tier customer service that fosters brand loyalty within their market

At Big O, we are very confident about our franchise opportunities in Indiana and how investors can utilize them. This is due to our brand presence in the market and how we structure our franchise business model. We work alongside our franchisees as true partners so they can run their businesses knowing that the Big O Tires team has their back!

Excited to open a Big O Tires franchise in Evansville, IN? Reach out to us for more information about our franchise opportunities, and we can begin the process together!

1 Top 2023 Best & Worst States For Business Survey; Chief Executive, Apr 25, 2023


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